Residential Roofing Reno

Transforming Your Home

Choosing the right roofing materials is a tricky thing, especially for new homeowners.

There are basic, less expensive shingles—like asphalt shingles—and higher end laminate shingles for a higher quality appearance.

Other components are necessary to create a sound roof structure, including underlayments and accessory products.

Roofing Project in Reno, NV

Water-Resistant Layers

The purpose of underlayments is to provide a water-resistant layer beneath your shingles.

They can also prevent leaks caused by powerful rain and ice storms.

Finishing with Accessory Products

You can finish the ridges and hips of a residential roof using accessory shingles.

There are several options for achieving this that will provide an adequate level of durability and protection to your roof structure.

Residential Roof Ventilation

It's important to have a balanced system between air exhaust and air intake through your attic. This will help your attic (and home) properly adjust to seasonal variations.

Enlist The Help of Residential Roofers

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